Sociology of Leadership (SOL) focuses on principles of sociology and leadership from a sociological perspective to facilitate an enhancement to one’s social life and that of others. The sociology of leadership incorporates aspects of psychology, business, economics, and historical studies to address a leader’s talents, style, knowledge, and overall behavior as one interacts with groups, organizations, and society. This is important for future leaders in a variety of fields to include, but not limited to business, sociology, psychology, education, economics, and history as it will provide a well-rounded understanding of leadership.

Sociology of Leadership (SOL) BLOG 

September 2, 2017

The continued rising of inequality in society means beyond a shallow of doubt that one must lead self to not only become a productive member of society but also to move forward in life. Overall, the big picture here is to understand how we can use sociology of leadersh...

June 23, 2017

One aspect of the sociology of leadership is that leaders must develop cross-cultural competence to build a vibrant culture and enhance the diversity posture in their organization. If there was any organization that embodies the essential aspects of the sociology of le...

June 15, 2017

Sociology of Leadership

I learned years ago in my studies of sociology that it can only have meaning if it leads us to understand social phenomena and affords us with ways and means of controlling them. One can argue, as before, that sociology will continue to serve as...

June 6, 2017

The sociology of leadership argues from a position that one must first lead self before he or she can lead others. Overall, it taps into the belief that social situations are the basis for growth in society. Moreover, we must understand that one’s education comes from...

June 6, 2017

I am currently conducting research on the Sociology of Leadership to provide an understanding of leadership and group dynamic theories from a sociological perspective. For example, in its earliest stages, the strongest influence on a social movement is likely to be the...

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